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Questions? Call or Text our US based team: 800-964-5341
Questions? Call or Text our US based team: 800-964-5341

ATI Rectangular DOT Approved Aluminum Transfer Tank


Questions? Call our US Based team: 1-800-964-5341 (9am-9pm; 7 days a week)

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Original price $644.12
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Aluminum Tank Industries rectangle Refueling aluminum Transfer Tanks are legal in all 50 states for gasoline, kerosene, methanol, diesel, and aviation fuel. Rectangle refueling fuel transfer tanks range in size from 38 to 50 gallons.

ATI refueling transfer tanks are designed and constructed with the industrial user in mind. Whether you are a farmer, contractor, municipality, or simply a private citizen, you can trust that your ATI tank will hold up and last a lifetime. 

The Two- 2” bungs allow for reversing the fuel fill cap and fuel transfer pump to the side you prefer best. 

Note: rectangular transfer tanks 50 gallons and less ship by UPS.  If you need a larger rectangular transfer tank click here to see the 51 to 110 gallon transfer tanks.

Refueling Transfer Tank Sizes

  • TTR38: 38 Gallon - 48.5"L x 11"W x 19"H.
  • TTR42: 42 Gallon - 48.5"L x 19"W x 12"H.
  • TTR43: 43 Gallon* - 51"L x 12"W x 16.5"H.
  • TTR46: 46 Gallon - 57"L x 12"W x 16.5"H.
  • TTR50: 50 Gallon - 36.25"L x 19"W x 19"H.

Note: the fill neck adds 2.5 inches to the height of the tank.  Each mounting tab adds 1.5 inches to the length of the tank (3 inches for two mounting tabs).

See pictures of each tank below:

TTR38 Slim Transfer Tank

ATI Rectangle Refueling Transfer Tank 38 gallon

TTR38: 38 gallon - 48.5"L x 11"W x 19"H / fits short beds

This tank will fit most short bed trucks as long as you have 11 inches or greater space between the cab and the wheel well.

TTR42 Diamond Plate Transfer Tank

ATI Rectangle Refueling Transfer Tank 42 gallon

TTR42: 42 gallon - 48.5"L x 19"W x 12"H

Mounting tabs on each side increase the tank length to 51.5 inches.  If you have a short bed truck, you will need to request a modification to move the mounting tabs from the sides to the front and the back to allow the tank to pass between the wheel well in a short bed.

TTR43 Short Bed Transfer Tank

ATI Rectangle Refueling Transfer Tank 43 gallon

TTR43: 43 gallon* - 51"L x 12"W x 16.5"H

*51 inch notched bottom length and a 58 inch long top length.

The TTR43 will fit most short beds that have 12 inches or greater space between the cab and the wheel well.  If your truck has less than 12 inches of space before the wheel well starts, you will need to request a modification to move the mounting tabs from the sides to the front and back of the tank.

TTR46 Narrow Transfer Tank

ATI Rectangle Refueling Transfer Tank 46 gallon

TTR46: 46 gallon - 57"L x 12"W x 16.5"H / fits short beds

The TTR46 will fit most short beds with 12 inches or greater space from the cab to the start of the wheel well in your truck.

TTR50 Wheel Well Transfer Tank

ATI Rectangle Refueling Transfer Tank 50 gallon

TTR50: 50 gallon - 36.25"L x 19"W x 19"H / fits short beds

The TTR50 tank fits between the wheel wells of most trucks that have a 39" or greater space between the wheel wells.

Note: mounting tabs add 1.5 inches on each side of the tank listed above. Each tank has two mounting tabs, one on each side of the tank (adds 3 inches to the length of the tank).

If you have a short bed truck you may need to add a modification to move the mounting tabs from the sides to the front & back so the tank can pass through the wheel well.  Please call or contact us if you have a short bed truck to confirm.

Optional Tank Accessories

Tonneau Cover Tank Notch

ATI Transfer Tank Notch for transfer pump with tonneau cover
  • If you have a tonneau cover and would like to fit a top mounted tank pump underneath the tonneau cover, add the tank notch modification to your order.
  • The tank notch modification removes a cube sized portion of the tank by the fuel bung which lowers the height of the mounted fuel pump.  

All ATI refueling tanks come standard with the following:

  • Special Permit issued by the US Department of Transportation.
  • Legal for gas, diesel, methanol, kerosene, aviation fuel, and other liquids.
  • Commercial grade lockable vent / prevent filler cap.
  • Fully baffled to reduce movement of contents.
  • Two 2 inch NPT reinforced bungs for superior strength.
  • A 3/8″npt drain plug,
  • Hold down brackets.
  • Pressure and leak detection test.
  • Clean and free of debris inside and outside of the tank.
  • 1 year limited warranty.
  • a vent/prevent cap,
  • Fully welded baffles to reduce slosh and add strength.
  • Designed for use with transfer pumps up to 30 pounds.

These tanks are constructed from rugged diamond plate aluminum and are all available with a black or white powder coated finish.

Aluminum Tank Industries has been granted a special permit from the U.S. Department of Transportation for the legal manufacture, mark and selling of legal aluminum refueling transfer tanks. These tanks can be used for commercial and state applications.

ATI Transfer Tank Installation Guide:

Other Fuel Tank Options:

Can I use your refueling tanks for gasoline legally?

Yes, we manufacture our aluminum refueling tanks to meet and exceed the requirements for gasoline, kerosene, methanol, and diesel. In fact, many government agencies are currently using our aluminum refueling tanks.

Can I pump from your refueling tank without removing it from the bed of my truck?

Yes it is legal to pump from our tanks while still in the bed of a truck whether the tank is being used for private, state, or commercial use.

Do all of your fuel tanks have baffles inside?

Yes, all of our tanks are baffled to provide strength and support and to reduce fuel sloshing.

How Does your Fuel Shotz diesel fuel system work?

This unique system connects the auxiliary fuel tank to the factory fuel tank via the factory filler. The auxiliary fuel tank keeps the factory fuel tank full until the auxiliary fuel tank is empty.

Are the inside of your auxiliary and refueling tanks free of debris?

Yes, all of our auxiliary and refueling tanks will be clean and free of debris on the inside and outside before leaving the factory.

Are your tanks tested for leaks?

Yes, all of our tanks are visually inspected and pressure tested for leaks. We also use a video inspection system to check for penetration on the inside of the tank.

What is the aluminum fitting on top of my aluminum refueling tank?

The aluminum fitting on top of your refueling tank is a fuel tank vent with rollover protection.

Do your fuel tanks come with a warranty?

Yes, all of our standard duty tanks and toolboxes come with a one year limited warranty. Our line of Severe Series tanks come with a 5 year limited warranty.

Is Fuel Shotz for diesel fuel systems a legal fuel system?

Yes, the Fuel Shotz system complies with DOT requirements, but you must install it per provided instructions.

Do I need to ground my fuel tanks to the vehicle?

Yes, the tanks need to be grounded at all times. When you install the fuel tank remove the paint from the underside of the truck bed where the tank gets bolted in. That will give a sufficient ground.

How Do I mount my fuel tank?

The fuel tank will come with mounting tabs welded to the tank. You will place the tank in the desired location, check for clearance underneath so you don’t drill into brake lines, fuel lines, etc. Drill and install one bolt, flat washer, lock washer , and nut. Tighten securely. Note: after drilling your mounting hole sand off any paint to bare metal on the bottom side of the truck bed around the bolt hole to ensure a good ground.

Are your fuel tanks lockable?

All of our refueling tanks come with a lockable fuel filler cap. We also offer an optional locking fuel cap for our auxiliary fuel tanks. You can take it a step further and check out our line of fuel safe auxiliary fuel tanks where the fuel filler and fittings are inside a lockable toolbox compartment.

Can I get a black powder coat as an option on my fuel tank?

Yes, we offer powder coat as an option. Our durable powder coat fuel tanks are very popular. Our standard color is gloss black but we also offer textures and many other colors.

Can I get a fuel level gauge?

es, fuel gauges are available as an option for all of our auxiliary fuel tanks and refueling tanks.

Estimated Product Handling: 2 to 3 days

Tank Retailer offers a 30 day return policy for all products. Please see our Return & Refund Policy for more information.

Aluminum Tank Industries, Inc. warrants all products to be free of defects in material or workmanship for a period of 1 year from invoice ship date from our warehouse or purchase date if registered. Severe Series refueling tanks are covered for 5 years. If upon our inspection we deem the item to be defective, Aluminum Tank Industries, Inc. will determine whether to repair or replace the defective item.  It is the customers’ responsibility to ship the item to Aluminum Tank Industries, Inc. No cost for labor, installation, or missing contents will be reimbursed. Damages due to shipping and handling, improper installation, abuse – intentional or accidental, or normal wear and tear are not covered by this warranty. Warranty is void if the tank has been altered. Standard duty tanks are designed for use with transfer pumps up to 30 lbs. Installing a pump over 30 lbs on a standard duty tank will void warranty. A Severe Series tank is required if using a transfer pump over 30 lbs.