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Questions? Call or Text our US based team: 800-964-5341
Questions? Call or Text our US based team: 800-964-5341

ATTA DOT Approved Under Tonneau Cover Transfer Tank


Questions? Call our US Based team: 1-800-964-5341 (9am-9pm; 7days a week)

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Original price $1,223.00
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ATTA DOT Approved Low Profile Under Tonneau Cover Transfer Tank is a DOT legal tank. The tank design includes a lower height fuel bung that enables you to close your tonneau cover while keeping your transfer pump attached to the tank.

DOT Approved for use with: diesel, gasoline, kerosene, methanol, ethanol, and aviation fuel.

We recommend using the Fill-Rite 12V 15GPM Transfer Pump (sold separately). The 12V 15GPM pump adds 10 inches of height. 

Choose the Tank Size that Matches the Tonneau Cover on your truck:

  • 38 Gallon: Designed for use under a standard tonneau bed cover (hard cover).
  • 41 Gallon: Designed for use under a Roll-Top Bedcover (canister style / soft cover).

Transfer Tank Dimensions

  • 38 Gallon: 60 inches long by 12 inches wide by 15 inches high*
  • 41 Gallon: 60 inches long by 18 inches wide by 14 inches high* 

Spec Sheets:

*The lower notched length is 54 inches and the top length is 60 inches.

Both tanks use heavy duty 1/8” aluminum diamond tread. Comes standard with a locking fuel cap. 

DOT regulations require a Special Permit to use any Transfer Tank for Gasoline. ATTA has received a Special Permit to allow us to manufacture and sell tanks that can be used for Gasoline. Great for ATVs, UTVs, Lawn Services, Boats, Generators and more. 

  • Designed to fit Full Size Trucks with 8' beds and 6.5' beds. 

Other Transfer Tank Options:

Will your tanks work in a Gasoline Truck?

Due to DOT & EPA regulations, ATTA no longer has auxiliary fuel tanks for gasoline trucks. Auxiliary fuel tanks and fuel systems are for diesel fuel only.

ATTA does have DOT legal transfer tanks that can hold gasoline.

How Do I know what kind of Truck Bed I have?

A long bed is approximately 8 ft and a short bed is approximately 6.5ft.

How Difficult is it to Install?

Anyone with basic mechanical skills can install the Freedom Fill Auxiliary System. Our installation comes standard with every component needed to install our aluminum auxiliary fuel tank to your truck.

Where can I have my fuel tank installed?

Installations are available at ATTA's Fort Worth, Texas plant by appointment only. ATTA also has an extensive installing dealer network. Please follow this link for a Installer Near You.

Will installing a fuel tank void my vehicle warranty?

No, if you install the auxiliary diesel fuel tank per the instructions and use the components that come with the installation kit, it will not void your factory warranty.

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Returns (Applies to ATTA products only)

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Certificate of Limited Warranty Effective Date: September 1, 2017 Warranty valid for any fuel tank, fuel system or headache rack purchased from Aluminum Tank & Tank Accessories, Inc (ATTA) on or after above effective date. Warranty is only valid with the return of warranty card to Aluminum Tank & Tank Accessories, Inc. within 30 days from the date of purchase by the original purchaser. The 7 year/unlimited mile warranty will not be valid without the return of the warranty card. The limited warranty is valid only for the vehicle listed on the warranty card. Valid only in the United States and Canada. Seven Year/Unlimited Mile WarrantyAluminum Auxiliary Fuel Tank Warranty:Aluminum Tank & Tank Accessories Inc. (ATTA, Inc.) auxiliary diesel fuel tanks are covered by a 7 year/unlimited mile limited liability warranty, against defects in material and workmanship. Aluminum Tank & Tank Accessories, Inc. fuel system components are covered by a 7 year/ Unlimited mile limited warranty, except for the inline fuel pump and sending unit resistor. The inline fuel pump and sending unit resistor are covered by a 1 year limited warranty per manufacture requirements. ATTA generator tanks and other manufactured products are covered by a 7 year limited warranty. Aluminum Special Permit Transfer Tank Warranty: Aluminum Tank & Tank Accessories Inc. (ATTA, Inc.) Aluminum transfer tanks with Special Permit (DOT-SP 20416) are covered by a 7 year/unlimited mile limited liability warranty against defects in material and workmanship. The Special Permit is valid for 2.5 years from the date of manufacturing. Refueling tanks must be retested every 2.5 years in accordance with 49 CFR 180.352. The end user is responsible to keep refueling tank within 49 CFR 180.352. Special Permit is valid for with diesel, ethanol, gasoline, methanol, kerosene and aviation fuel only. In order to maintain ATTA manufacture warranty, the refueling tank must be maintained within accordance of 49 CFR 180.352 regulation. Failure to have refueling tank retested every 2.5 years will void warranty. Failure to send ATTA, Inc retesting documentation within the 2.5 year limit will void ATTA, Inc manufacture warranty. Special Permit must be carried aboard vehicle at all times. Refueling pumps and refueling pump accessories are covered via manufacturer warranty.Aluminum Headache Rack Warranty:Aluminum Tank & Tank Accessories Inc. (ATTA, Inc.) aluminum contour headache racks are covered by a 7 year/unlimited mile limited liability warranty, against defects in material and workmanship. The 6” oval LED lights are covered by a 1 year manufacture warranty. Aluminum headache racks are not intended as a safety device. Powdercoat/Spray-On Bedliner/Vehicle Paint Warranty: Powdercoat, Spray-on Bedliner, and Vehicle Paint finish are covered by a 1 year limited warranty against defects. Aluminum Tank & Tank Accessories, Inc. warranty begins when the original purchaser purchases the unit. The original purchaser is the person who will use for his own use. If a fuel tank or headache rack needs to be repaired, it shall be done at a “Repair and Return” only, unless deemed un-repairable by ATTA, Inc discretion. If a part must be replaced, ATTA, Inc. will furnish the replacement part on a “Return and Replace basis” only. ATTA will pay the established warranty labor rates, listed below, once authorization has been established. ATTA will make no payment for parts purchased or repaired in the field without prior written authorization from ATTA. We will not accept any charges greater than our established warranty rates. We reserve the right to examine the tank or part being claimed for warranty upon return to ATTA, with all shipping charges being prepaid to ATTA. If the warranty claim is determined valid, repair or replacement will be made at ATTA discretion. Warranty will not be honored if the tank or the component failure is caused by conditions beyond the control of ATTA such as damage caused by but not limited to:1. Customer’s misuse or negligence.2. Improper installation by the installer.3. Shipment or improper handling.4. Ordering of incorrect product5. Use of Contaminated fuels or improper fuel additives.6. Road Debris 7. Damage caused by fuel additives or contaminated fuels Warranty claims will be valid only if completed warranty card has been received prior to claim by Aluminum Tank & Tank Accessories, Inc. Warranty will not be honored if the product or system is altered in any way or if the ATTA manufacturing tag is removed or defaced. Warranty does not cover consequential damages including, but not limited to: loss of use of the warranted product, loss of time, transportation expenses, towing, expenses for travel, lodging, telephone, or fuel charges, loss of damage to personal property or loss of revenue. Warranty cards must be received within 30 days of purchase by end user. It is the end user’s responsibility to fill out and send in warranty cards to Aluminum Tank & Tank Accessories, Inc.  Warranty Labor Rate @ $100.00/hr (subject to change without notice) *Sending unit replacement in an easy to access ATTA tank (in-bed, Etc.) –1/2 hr *Any procedure requiring removal and replacement of a fuel tank- 1hr *Removal and replacement of inline fuel pump -1/2 hr *Removal and replacement of Freedom Fill Controller box -1/4 hr Troubleshooting and diagnostics fees will only be paid when Aluminum Tank & Tank Accessories, Inc. is contacted before troubleshooting begins. ATTA will pay no labor rates without a written quote. Labor rates are only authorized with written approval from Aluminum Tank & Tank Accessories, Inc before labor begins. Warranty does not include the removal of non-ATTA products.