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Questions? Call or Text our US based team: 800-964-5341
Questions? Call or Text our US based team: 800-964-5341

CRMI Chemical Tank


Questions? Call our US Based team: 1-800-964-5341 (9am-9pm; 7days a week)

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$550.00 - $4,771.00
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Custom Roto Molding Inc chemical storage tanks provide efficient chemical storage for commercial and industrial use. The chemical storage tanks range in size from 500 gallons to 3,000 gallons and are available in high density polyethylene (HDPE) or cross linked polyethylene (XLPE). 

*Chemical tanks with containment are available in sizes up to 2,000 gallons.

Tank Material:

  • HDPE - High Density Polyethylene is a thermoplastic polymer created from petroleum.  HDPE has a high impact resistance and melting point.
  • XLPE - Cross Linked Polyethylene offers superior heat and chemical resistance, stress cracking resistance and low temperature impact strength. Offers superior corrosion and chemical resistance than HDPE.

Specific Gravity:

Specific Gravity is an indicator of the density that can be stored in a tank. A 1.5 SG means the tank can store liquid up to 1.5 times as dense as water.

  • HDPE - 1.5 SG
  • HDPE HD - 2.0 SG 
  • XLPE - 2.0 SG
*Note: HDPE tank sizes up to 750 gallons have 1.5 SG; HDPE tank sizes 825 gallons and greater have 2.0 SG.

Tank Options:
  • With Containment: Adds a second open top tank with a larger diameter that provides secondary containment for the primary chemical tank.

Note: Chemical tanks with containment are not available for all tank sizes.

Chemical Tank Features:

  • Includes threaded lid with breather.
  • 2 inch NPT Polypro bottom fitting (option to upgrade to stainless fitting for harsher chemicals).
  • Natural white color.
  • Choice of HDPE or XLPE material.
Weight Ranges:
  • 500 to 1,000 Gallons: 140 to 212 pounds.
  • 1,000 to 2,000 Gallons: 212 to 450 pounds.
  • 2,000 to 3,000 Gallons: 450 to 850 pounds.

    Chemical Tank Dimensions (Diameter x Height in inches):

    • 500 Gallon: 36" D x 121" H / 8" lid diameter
    • 525 Gallon: 60" D x 48" H / 24" lid diameter
    • 550 Gallon: 48" D x 75" H / 16" lid diameter
    • 650 Gallon: 53" D x 71" H / 16" lid diameter
    • 750 Gallon: 48" D x 102" H / 16" lid diameter
    • 825 Gallon: 60" D x 73" H / 24" lid diameter
    • 850 Gallon: 53" D x 91" H / 16" lid diameter
    • 1,000 Gallon: 72" D x 65" H / 16" lid diameter
    • 1,025 Gallon: 60" D x 90" H / 24" lid diameter
    • 1,100 Gallon: 90" D x 47" H / 24" lid diameter
    • 1,225 Gallon: 60" D x 107.5" H / 24" lid diameter
    • 1,500 Gallon: 72" D x 93" H / 16" lid diameter
    • 1,600 Gallon: 90" D x 66" H / 24" lid diameter
    • 2,000 Gallon: 90" D x 83" H / 24" lid diameter
    • 2,400 Gallon: 102" D x 78" H / 24" lid diameter
    • 2,500 Gallon: 96" D x 91" H / 24" lid diameter
    • 3,000 Gallon: 102" D x 93" H / 24" lid diameter

    Chemical Tank Spec Sheets (HDPE):

    Chemical Tank Spec Sheets (XLPE):

    The following spec sheet is for a 250 gallon chemical tank but applies to all other sizes of XLPE chemical tanks:

    Chemical Tank with Containment Dimensions (Diameter x Height in inches):

    When purchasing a chemical tank with containment, the containment is provided by a second open top tank. The primary chemical tank has a smaller diameter than the open top tank so that it can be stored inside the wider open top tank.

    The dimensions below represent the open top tank (total weight represents the weight of the primary chemical tank + the weight of the open top tank):

    • 500 Gallon: 48" D x 94" H open top containment; total weight 304 lbs.
    • 525 Gallon: 72" D x 38" H open top containment; total weight 190 lbs.
    • 550 Gallon: 60" D x 60" H open top containment; total weight 220 lbs.
    • 750 Gallon: 60" D x 76" H open top containment; total weight 362 lbs.
    • 825 Gallon: 72" D x 52" H open top containment; total weight 245 lbs.
    • 1,000 Gallon: 90" D x 52" H open top containment; total weight 412 lbs.
    • 1,025 Gallon: 72" D x 80" H open top containment; total weight 450 lbs.
    • 1,100 Gallon: 102" D x 39" H open top containment; total weight 395 lbs.
    • 1,225 Gallon: 90" D x 69" H open top containment; total weight 668 lbs.
    • 1,500 Gallon: 90" D x 69" H open top containment; total weight 713 lbs.
    • 1,600 Gallon: 102" D x 63" H open top containment; total weight 640 lbs.
    • 2,000 Gallon: 102" D x 80" H open top containment; total weight 1,025 lbs.

    Chemical Tank with Containment Spec Sheets:

    For more options, browse all chemical tanks for sale.

    Estimated Product Handling: 2 to 3 days

    After placing an order, customers have up to 48 hours to cancel the order unless the item has been crated and/or shipped.

    Orders for large or heavy items ship via a trucking carrier. Freight delivery is typically 2 to 6 business days, allow extra time for remote locations.

    The Freight Carrier or Tucking company will contact you to set up an appointment time before delivering.  Once your product leaves our warehouse, we will send you an email with a link to the freight carrier’s website and the tracking number. Tracking numbers take 1 business day to update.

    Package Inspection

    Please inspect your package upon delivery. If there is obvious damage, please note the damages on the delivery receipt. Contact us within 24 hours to report the damage, by either e-mail or phone. Please retain all original boxes and packaging.


    • All returns must be pre-authorized and require a return authorization.  Please email to request a return authorization.  
    • Returns are accepted for brand new and unopened products only.  No products may be returned after installation or attempted installation.
    • All returns must be requested within 30 calendar days from the delivery date.
    • The product must be in the original packaging and include all packaging materials, crates, boxes, and pamphlets.
    • All returns include a 20% restocking fee.
    • Customers are required to pay for the cost of return freight shipping.
    • The final return amount will be calculated as the Purchase Price less return shipping cost less the 20% restocking fee.

    Tanks manufactured by Custom Roto-Molding, Inc. are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for a period of Five (5) Years from date of original purchase.

    Custom Roto-Molding tanks conforms to ASTM D-1998 specification. Warranty only applies to Tanks that have been correctly installed and have not been subject to abuse or misuse. These warranties are made for the benefit of the original end user. 

    1. It is the responsibility of the end user to perform initial cleaning, testing for leaks and the suitability of the storage tank to a specific application. Verify chemical compatibility in accordance with chemical resistance chart provided by resin manufacturer. 

    2. All external pluming must have secondary support and must not apply excessive load on the tank outlets. Please provide flexible connections between tank and rigid pluming installations. Lifting lugs are to be used only when tank is empty. 

    3. Refer to OSHA confined space entry procedures prior to cleaning any tank. 

    4. Warranty does not cover misuse, fire, accident, negligence, transit damage, unauthorized modifications to the product, excessive external pressure or abnormal use. 

    5. Warranty does not cover loss of product through leakage or damages for injuries persons or property caused by leakage. 

    6. Tanks and fittings have not been cleaned or pretested for leaks. Fill with water and clean before using. Rinse well and check compatibility before use. 

    7. Liability of the manufacturer under this warranty and any other warranty, expressed or implied, statutory or otherwise, is limited to repair or, at the Manufacture’s option, replacement of defective product which is shown to have been defective when shipped, and only then if the Manufacturer is notified in writing of the defects within the warranty period and items in question are promptly delivered to it’s point of manufacture. Transportation charges are to be prepaid. 

    7. Inspect product for any damages incurred during shipping and handling to tank and fittings upon receipt. 

    8. Vertical flat bottom tanks must be installed on a stationary, flat level, solid sur-face.